Papers in International Peer-review Journals


 1. A Fresh Look at the Expertise Reply to the Variation Problem.  Philosophical Psychology. pdf link


2. An Agent Based Account of Reflective Equilibrium. Philosophia. pdf link


3. How to be a Universalist about Methods in African Philosophy. Forthcoming, Southern

Journal of Philosophy.


4. The Prospect of the Method of Wide Reflective Equilibrium in African Epistemology.Forthcoming, South African Journal of Philosophy.

Papers Under Review in International Peer-Review Journals

1.Title redacted: The paper offers a new account of the epistemology of thought experiments.


2.Title  redacted: The paper defends the method of thought experiments from ordinary language philosophy.

3.Title redacted: The paper offers some set of distinctive and empirically informed answers to the core questions of inquiry-based epistemology by thinking of inquiry as a kind of skilled performance

4. Title redacted: The paper defends justified true belief as the goal of inquiry


5. Title redacted: The paper offers a theory of virtue

politics and social transformation in Africa.