Papers in International Peer-review Journals


 1. A Fresh Look at the Expertise Reply to the Variation Problem.  Philosophical Psychology. pdf link


2.An Agent Based Account of Reflective Equilibrium. Philosophical Quarterly of Israel. pdf link


3.The Prospect of the Method of Wide Reflective Equilibrium in African Epistemology.Forthcoming, South African Journal of Philosophy

Papers Under Review in International Peer-Review Journals 

Redacted for Review

1. Title redacted: The paper subsumes the epistemology of thought experiments under social cognition

2.Title  redacted: The paper argues for an alternative view of linguistic competence that shows Baz's language scepticism to be unmotivated.

3.Title redacted: The paper argues that our classificational ability is a kind of second nature.

4. Title redacted: The paper addresses Machery's three arguments against  the method of cases.


5. Title redacted: The paper argues for an alternative orientation in African philosophy

6. Book chapter: On meta-African philosophy

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